Training stays for your tennis talent

Experiential programmes
when you play for fun

Talent development programmes

You can perceive tennis as "the sport of kings" or just as a great game. Maybe you or your child are the lucky tennis talent bearer, or maybe you just wish to enjoy this noble sport?

5 stars
5 unique reasons

Private training with world-renowned coaches
All-inclusive services – from sport to cultural and social experiences
Individual approach – from a health screening to a personal training plan
Strict focus on top quality of all services
Individual planning and selection of a stay based on your needs and abilities

A tailored stay

We are ready to completely personalize all our services based on your time availability and personal vision. However, our clients also appreciate having a choice from our pre-designed programmes

Our strategy

Training stays for your tennis talent. Experiential programmes when you play for fun.

  • Support

    Training and development stays for tennis enthusiasts

  • Variability

    100% variability of the programme based on the client’s needs and abilities

  • Levels

    A big selection of levels – from fun to professional level

Our Team

Petr Vaníček

The head coach and the development coordinator


Bohdan Ulihrach

Top coach


Mgr. Roman Bárt

Top coach


David Přenosil

Top coach


Elena Choumilová

Administrator of training and stay programmes